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Retro spiele Flash-Spiele

Shop Lifter

Be a true shop lifter! Steal away stuff from the store without getting caught....(plus)

Stay On The Car

Keep the lion on the top of the car as long as possible without falling off......(plus)

Sheep Pool

Use Frisbee dog to numbered sheep into the relevantly numbered pockets as......(plus)

Sheep Color Balls

Help Rambo the sheep protect his farm from the different colored wolves by......(plus)

Sealab 2021: Time for Trouble

Play as Dr. Quinn while you explore the ocean depths....(plus)

Sea Lab 2021

Help Dr. Quinn swim through the dangerous sea bed and stop Stormy from fixing......(plus)


Help schnappi the alligator get through many levels while eating flies....(plus)


Walk through the corridor turn left or right go through doors and kill bats......(plus)

Scary Sleep Over

It iss up to you to get the contestant out of the house before the break of......(plus)


Get Santa's gifts back from the evil people who stole them and are trying to......(plus)

Samurai Jack

As a Samurai, infiltrate deep into the enemy territory and gain victory....(plus)

Salta Col

Help the male Saltacol, a rare insect reach the female to avoid their......(plus)

Sahara The Objective

Surrounded by explosives and a bomb that reads 2 minutes until detonation,......(plus)

Safari Park Apeldoorn

Help the king of the jungle take a ride through his kingdom standing on top......(plus)

Run Jim Run

Help Jim Escape from a Mobster....(plus)

Bush Fall

This is an amazing animation with great ragdoll physics....(plus)

Rocket Bob

Help Bob jump from one platform to another, through the dense city skyline......(plus)

Robo Farmer

Guide a robotic farmer through the farmlands taken over by the militia, and......(plus)


Get the roadies to the gig on time, avoiding the threats, bouncers, and the......(plus)

Road Trip

Go on an adventurous vacation in your modified family van which can run on......(plus)


Help Rieland, the young warrior take revenge for all the doings of the cruel......(plus)

Rapunzel's Escape

Help Rapunzel to kill all the monsters with a flick of her hair, and escape......(plus)

Raggit Extreme Danger

Drive your mini jeep through deadly roadways and reach the finish line safely!...(plus)

Ragdoll Physics 2

A demonstration of Ragdoll Physics where Bush is falling down into a never......(plus)

Race X

Race your mini truck around the busy cityscape against your opponent, and......(plus)

Assault Part 5

Turn on night vision battle against guards and choose your way to freedom....(plus)

Quick Pic

A very fast paced but enjoyable memory game... addicting....(plus)
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